/hr/ resources

Please make sure you're in the right place. /hr/ is a slow board and this
community's focus is on sharing images, videos and news and discussing them.

For a complete /hr/ experience, consider installing our KPG enhancement
userscript, which emulates multi-image posts and enriches links to V Live

Note that our community does not discuss SNSD, a.k.a Girls' Generation.
Historically, /hr/ has had both a K-pop general and a SNSD general always
running in parallel. SNSD isn't discussed on the KPG and other K-pop groups
aren't discussed on the SNSD thread. Please be mindful of this.

For music related chatting, try the /mu/ K-pop general.

For masturbation related chatting, try /bant/, /trash/ or

External boards:
https://kpop.re/wood/ (more chat oriented, but better than discord)
https://2chen.moe/kr/ (chat oriented, post as you type + other gimmicks)

Notes on searching stuff:

When searching for a group or member, make sure to try it in hangul (the Korean
alphabet) as well. You can usually find a group's name in hangul on their
wikipedia page.

When searching for an event that happened on a certain day, make sure to format
the date as YYMMDD (the year's last two digits, followed by the month and day,
without dashes or slashes, e.g. October 5, 2017 = 171005)

Where to find...

Visit photographers' tistories:
Also try searching twitter or any image search using names in hangul. On
twitter, the following options might help getting better results:
#NAME -rt -cr -bot -© -loop -filter:replies

Search youtube for names (preferably in hangul) adding the word 직캠 (fancam)

New music show performance cuts:
https://kpop24hrs.com/ (direct download links a few days after airing)

Albums, performances, high quality music videos:
https://jpopsuki.eu/ (private tracker, needs invite)

A mostly lossless album collection, courtesy of /t/:

Older high quality MVs (direct download links):

English subtitled TV shows (variety and drama):
https://avistaz.to/ (private tracker, registration often open)
https://www.reddit.com/r/koreanvariety/ (links to torrents and soft subs)
https://redd.it/723mtd (a redditor's personal streaming site, HD, no ads, occasional bitcoin mining)

Geo-blocked streaming:
https://www.viki.com/ (often Americas only)
https://www.ondemandkorea.com/ (Americas only)
https://www.viu.com/ (South and Southeast Asia)

RAW 1080i cuts:
If you're looking for raw cuts straight from Korean HDTV (not transcoded), try
googling the name of the show you want in hangul, plus the words 1080i and

Social media (twitter, instagram):
https://selca.kastden.org/kpop/ (list of accounts at https://selca.kastden.org/owners/)

K-pop news in English:
https://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/ (translated Korean comments)

Archived past /hr/ KPG threads:

/hr/ statistics:
Largest threads ever archived:

Physical albums (including autographed ones) for sale:

Tools and techniques for mass downloading images and redirecting downscaled
images to their originals:

Firefox add-on to rotate youtube videos (for sideways fancams):

How to add shortcuts to MPV to rotate videos:

Material for learning the Korean language:
The first thing to do is learn hangul. After that, pick up an introductory
textbook and go through it. Supplement the textbook with online resources
(video lessons, flashcards and so on). Make sure to avoid romanizations and use
hangul whenever possible.

Searchable database of idol profiles:

Old /hr/ resources:
Old pastebin or image links:

7zip containing all resource files: